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Job Applicants to Successes

If you want to attract more job candidates, try making the language in your job listings gender-neutral. A study from the job search websiteZipRecruiter discovered that removing gender-biased words from job descriptions increased the number of applicants by 42 percent. According to research from the American Psychological Association, words such as “support,” “affectionate” and “understand” […]

You should know about Illegal Job Interview Questions

When you’re preparing to interview a job candidate, you probably have a list of questions you want to ask that person. But it’s equally important to know what questions you shouldn’t be asking a potential employee, in order to avoid legal trouble. According to a 2015 study fromCareerBuilder, 20 percent of hiring managers have asked […]

Best Retention Strategy

It doesn’t always take attractive benefits or a high salary to keep employees satisfied. Instead, bosses simply need to remember to say, “thank you.” In a recent report by Appirio, 60 percent of surveyed workers said they put the most value on being appreciated by management, and that appreciation plays a big role in employee […]