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Self Managing Employees Tips

One of the most common hiring philosophies among smart leaders is to find great people. By “great,” these leaders often mean hardworking, independent individuals who can essentially manage themselves. Self-managing employees, or “self-starters,” work efficiently and well with little supervision. These driven professionals keep a company moving forward with their innovative ideas and strong work […]

How to Successful on Workplace

If you’re worried that a workplace fundraiser will make your employees feel obligated to donate money they can’t afford, think again. New research from Gallup shows that the vast majority of employees who donate money to fundraisers at work do so because they want to, not because they feel they have to. Just 13 percent […]

How to choose the Right of employee

It’s never easy to let go of a worker, especially one who has devoted time and hard work to your company. But the unpleasant reality of running a business is that sometimes, people must be fired. Prolonging the process only leads to further issues that can stunt your company’s growth. Terminating an employee is complex, […]

The Impact on the Bottom Line

A new study from Robert Half Management Resources revealed that 53 percent of all professionals wish they had more insight into the effects of their contributions on their companies’ bottom lines. This is especially true of younger workers. Nearly 65 percent of those surveyed who were between the ages 18 and 34 said they wanted […]

Know the Best Candidates for Job

Although you should be thorough when searching for and hiring new employees, if the process is too long, you could cost yourself a shot at hiring the best candidates. A study from Robert Half revealed that when forced to endure a lengthy hiring process, nearly 40 percent of job seekers lose interest in the position and […]

Businessman that need to know

Many U.S. workers are forgoing the traditional office job to work on a contractual or freelance basis. For employers, having contingent workers could mean a savings of time and money, as they don’t have to take the time to train the worker, pay health benefits or contribute to a 401(k). However, if your business does […]

Job Applicant Credit History

Earlier this month, I met with a recruiter about an independent contract gig at a prestigious bank in town. At the end of the interview, the recruiter told me he’d check my criminal background history. He then asked me if it was OK to check my credit. I later learned background credit checks were standard […]

What is The Next Generation of Workers

The next generation of employees is getting ready to enter the workforce and they have a much different outlook on what they want out of their careers than those who have come before them, new research finds. The study from the job search site Monster revealed that soon-to-be professionals from Generation Z, those born between 1994 and […]

Job Applicants to Successes

If you want to attract more job candidates, try making the language in your job listings gender-neutral. A study from the job search websiteZipRecruiter discovered that removing gender-biased words from job descriptions increased the number of applicants by 42 percent. According to research from the American Psychological Association, words such as “support,” “affectionate” and “understand” […]

You should know about Illegal Job Interview Questions

When you’re preparing to interview a job candidate, you probably have a list of questions you want to ask that person. But it’s equally important to know what questions you shouldn’t be asking a potential employee, in order to avoid legal trouble. According to a 2015 study fromCareerBuilder, 20 percent of hiring managers have asked […]