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Best Retention Strategy

It doesn’t always take attractive benefits or a high salary to keep employees satisfied. Instead, bosses simply need to remember to say, “thank you.” In a recent report by Appirio, 60 percent of surveyed workers said they put the most value on being appreciated by management, and that appreciation plays a big role in employee […]

Learning about Performance Giants

There is a complex web of subtle and often hidden learning and performance challenges that affects everyone’s workday. Regardless of title or tenure, no one is immune to the barriers it puts up between you and your coworkers and between you and your goals. And there are no shortcuts to navigating your way safely through […]

Box Retailers For Small Business

Big box retailers are getting smaller. Some are being compelled to do so by the market: Circuit City and Sports Authority liquidated. Others are shutting down less-trafficked locations. And some are doing so by design. Literally. Take Target. In 2014, it launched a beta version of a smaller store with far fewer offerings in its […]

Chips Away at Capital

The narratives that influence our economy have a great deal of momentum. Giant, irreversible, tectonic shifts are transforming the landscape: urbanization, globalization, information technology, the decline of print media, mobile technology, workers losing ground against companies. The momentum behind them seems so vast and powerful that a change of course is unlikely. But fatalism isn’t […]

Modern Workers Are Always Looking for

Don’t be so sure that your employees aren’t getting ready to jump ship. A new study from ManpowerGroup Solutionsrevealed that 37 percent of workers around the globe, and 41 percent of U.S. workers, are “continuous candidates” who are always looking for their next job opportunity. Knowing that many employees aren’t fully committed to their organizations, […]